Jessica Winterstern (Jess) changed my life. She helped alter the lens through which I see myself and others. Working with Jess led me to shed limiting beliefs, fears, story-lines and self-judgement that were holding me back from recognising my true, real, purest self. Under the false but very compelling belief that my self-worth depended on me DOING something (usually extraordinary), I felt paralysed by fear of failing myself and others. Jess helped me see the beauty that is inherent in all of us regardless of what we do or don’t do, the only part of us that is Real, True, Limitless and in resonance with the Universe. Despite the muck that is an inevitable part and parcel of the human condition, Jess never let me forget the flowers that we all are. From this place of self-love, acceptance, celebration and light, I now go about my work fearlessly, propelled by pure love, creativity and inspiration. Thank you Jess.
— Kanchan K. Hong Kong, Age 34

Jessica Winterstern is one of the most unique, impactful, and powerful people I’ve met in my entire life. Doing any sort of transformational or introspective work can be scary, intimidating, and even disheartening at times. One of my biggest recommendations for working with Jess is that she never stops seeing her clients as who they are and can be and will stand for them in the face of their moments of doubt. Jess is remarkably human, and through her transparency there’s a comfort and ease in sharing what you’re going through as your faults are not only welcomed, but seen and embraced as gifts to help you on your journey. Jess has a way of gracefully encouraging and motivating without coddling; a fine line walked so masterfully, those she works with will feel supported yet empowered. Jess’ coaching allows for her clients to find and claim what is theirs in their life on their own, building a confidence that is much more impactful and longer lasting. Just as a personal trainer at a gym can’t make you stronger by lifting the weights for you- Jess is profound at shining the light on the places you need to look to find the power and strength within yourself to go the extra mile when it matters most.
— Ross E., Los Angeles, Age 28

Wow. Jessica is a gift. I was initially convinced that the love I lacked for myself was being put to great use in all of those around me but she helped me to understand that loving myself .. would only make my love for everyone else just that much better. Through weeks of conversation and consistent support; in person, email or over the phone .. I was able to build a relationship WITH myself. A relationship that allowed to me learn about how my past choices and circumstances had shaped my entire identity but how I was able to reconfigure all of that and transfer all of that negativity into a loving, positive existence. It would take me hours to articulate my full appreciation for all of her support and understanding but I couldn’t have begun to peel away my layers without her. Though, now, the best part is that with or without her, I am able to be there fully for myself and I genuinely know that the love for myself is all I really need.
— Amanda W., Age 24, Los Angeles, CA

Jess fully embraces my strengths and struggles in a way that helps me increase my capacity for self-acceptance. By using her gift for connection and vulnerability she helps take the coaching relationship deeper which leads to big breakthroughs. Her overriding love creates safety as a client and gives context for her fierce courage as she pushes me to be more of what inspires me. She believes in me and helps me become more aware of my best self and better at expressing it in all the areas of my life that matter to me. Jess’ guidance has helped me take bigger risks that have helped outperform my industry peers.
— Cory C., San Francisco CA, Age 31
I am so grateful to have met Jess at the time that I did. At 18, I was at an extremely transformational time in my life. As I entered university, my relationship with myself set the tone for everything I was about to encounter. Like many young people, I was filled with many emotions, confused by who I was, who I was supposed to be, and whom I wanted to be. Jessica created the space for conversation as well as provided me with advice on how to approach working on myself as I entered this time of change. Instead of telling me what to do or giving me her opinion, Jess compassionately listened without judgment and then guided me to a place of higher thinking where I was able to learn from my own thoughts. I have always been quite self-aware but I never understood how to approach certain aspects within myself. Jess taught me to get uncomfortable, to forgive myself, to open myself to endless opportunities for change, but most importantly, Jess has shone a light on the path of learning to genuinely love myself.
— Alexia M., Age 18, Montreal, QC

Jessica Winterstern is a beautiful manifestation of compassion and gentleness, that leads by example when it comes to vulnerability. She created such a beautifully safe space for me to go deep and get real with myself. After working with Jess I’ve gained more courage to explore those uncomfortable spaces where the belief systems that no longer serve me live. As a result of going deep with Jess, I have even more acceptance and love for myself as I expose my shadows with the intent of living life from my heart space. Jess is a gift, and I’m so grateful for the heart opening she encouraged in me
— Shannon R., Age 27, Los Angeles, CA

Jessica is a first rate coach. She is patient, supportive, loving, incredibly intuitive, and an exceptional listener. Her years of extensive training and experience is always apparent in our sessions as she is flexible, catering our time to best serve me, and goes the extra mile to ensure growth & results. Specifically, Jessica has supported me in creating a healthy new perspective on past traumas, which have served to help me break old patterns, and empowered me to go where I didn’t have the courage to do so before. All in all, if you have the chance to work with Jess, DO IT, she is a rockstar!
— Mark S., Los Angeles, Age 34

Working with Jess has truly changed and shaped my life for the better. During our time together, I learned so many tools to help me make grounded decisions in my daily life. Her constant support throughout our coaching process was integral to the movement and changes I saw in my life. I’ve seen radical shifts in my relationships, my happiness, and my health! So many things have happened since working with Jess - I’m in a beautiful relationship, my work life is thriving, and I’m creating balance in my life that leaves me feeling so fulfilled.Thanks to Jess’ coaching, I’m able to accept all of the goodness and success and happiness that I deserve!
— Michelle P., Los Angeles, Age 26

The most powerful thing I experienced in working with Jessica is her unconditionally loving presence, amazing intuition, and advanced level of communication/facilitation skills. She brings forward a vast knowledge of Spiritual Psychology, powerful coaching techniques and a beautiful heart-centered awareness that really allowed me to feel into what I was experiencing. Specifically, what makes a difference for me is that she is truly THERE, holding space for the transformation to occur. She embodies the great combination of a sharp mind, powerful coaching skillset, and a consciousness that holds and challenges you to work through your own unique process in a beautiful way. My results include personal transformations, new levels of spiritual evolution and a greater feeling of self-love after each and every session.
— Gary K., Irvine CA, Age 36

My experience with Jessica has been life changing to say the least. When I first met Jessica, I can’t say I had a specific area I desired to have “coached,” yet somehow every aspect of my life has been changed. Our conversations have brought me to a place of self-love, acceptance and awareness that I wasn’t at all anticipating. The inner transformation I have undergone has precipitated a shift in the way I experience the world around me, which has directly impacted my career, how I interact with my patients and my personal relationships. Jessica the ability to bring light and consciousness into your life. After only our first few hours together, I knew that I wanted every person I cared about to meet her and experience her unique gift. I believe that no matter where you are in your personal journey, whether at the peak of your career, the best place in your life you have ever been, or experiencing a loss or at your worst, Jessica can bring immeasurable enrichment to your life. Be good to yourself, because you are worth it.
— Katerina M., Houston TX, Age 28

Jessica Winterstern is a true queen. I have witnessed her magnificent radiance — she is a gift to even be around. Her heart could envelop the world with loving compassion... and she is probably too humble to tell you this, but her intelligence also flies off the Richter scale as well. I often judge teachers by how they’ve done their own work... Jessica has certainly earned the right to lead others. She has stood in the fire and worked through greater challenges than most people will ever have to experience in their lives. She can lead the way because she’s been there before. She’s walked farther down the path. She knows how to help others take the next step. And she’s still going. Jess, you’re well on your way to becoming a modern day Saint! I’m honored to know you and to learn from you. Thank you for your service.
— Ben R., Age 26, Los Angeles, CA

It’s remarkable the effect that Jess has had on my life in such a short time. It was through her that for the first time I was able to really know what it is like to experience my own divine Light within another person. She is the clearest reflection of the divinity that is within all of us. She has embodied the Goddess and radiates Pure Love and Eternal Beauty. Her commitment to Healing and living her Truth continue to inspire me and renew my motivation to advance in my Spiritual Growth. Jess is an agent of transformation. Her clear Authentic Expression of her Love, Light, and Divine Wisdom have played such an influential role in my evolvement, that I know that this beautiful soul is going to shift the lives of the masses. She truly is one of my Angels and her Unconditional Love and Support has meant the world to me. I am so grateful for this beautiful woman and that she has made the choice to answer her Divine Calling.
— Melody B., Los Angeles, Age 23

Jess is a beautiful woman inside and out. She has a keen sense of what needs to be brought to the surface for growth and does this in a gentle and loving way. Her guidance has helped me have some of the most profound breakthroughs I have experienced. I have worked with some of the world’s best and Jess is right there with them in her own, unique way.
— Alexandra F., Age 39, Los Angeles CA