I stand for transparency, authenticity and vulnerability. I am committed to engaging in conversations that lead to change.  Through my coaching practice, writing career, and speaking engagements, I help women and men reconnect to their source of power within, compassionately, yet fiercely reflecting back to them the Love they have been yearning for....You have been worthy of it since the moment you were born! 


  • Struggling with acknowledging your worth?

  • Tired of that negative internal dialogue?

  • Afraid to own your power and stand in your greatness? 

  • Dependent on receiving validation from others?

  • Battling with your self-image?

  • In an unfulfilling relationship?

  • Terrified of being alone?

  • Done putting others first at the expense of yourself?

  • Ready to take responsibility for everything in your life?


These questions may bring up resistance and fear; they feed much of our conditioning and the disconnect we feel from ourselves. My commitment is to helping others face their fears and see beyond the illusions they've been buying into. My work reflects an underlying element of choosing to dare greatly in all areas of life. We must be willing to let go of all our misbeliefs in order to connect to our inherent worth.